Whether it is the need to communicate with a person or group, seek appropriate resources, share documents, or work together to gather data sets that will aid in generating greater insights for research questions – researchers should be able to do this without having to deal with the complex infrastructural, operational and technical aspects of working collaboratively every time one has an idea, project or need for a professional discussion. 

Read on to learn how Plexome can help.

Solution Highlights for Research and Collaborations

Clinical research network management

The Plexome Community

Looking for sites or researchers to collaborate with? Need resources for your trial? Want accessibility to sponsors? The resources that you are seeking may be just a click away.

Clinical research collaboration platform

Collaboration Circles

Create circles for specific topics, projects or programs and  transform your teamwork with real-time collaboration. Centralize your communication and documents, track activity and be notified of updates.

Clinical trial data capture

Research Data Collections

Need a hassle-free, secure platform to collect your research data? Whether your registry is about cases, biospecimens or other resources, Plexome offers an easy approach to centralized data and documents. Keep your data private or share with collaborators.

Protocol authoring for clinical research

Collaborative Content

As research becomes increasingly complex, developing detailed and clearly written documentation requires iterative review and input from an interdisciplinary team of experts. Reinvent your processes with real-time online collaborative authoring and editing of documents.

Biospecimen management and sample request management

The Marketplace

Have an inventory of biospecimens, datasets or other resources that you would like to make available to the wider research community? Control the information made available to others and manage the entire request management process through Plexome.


Multiple Integration Options

We want to make it easy for you to manage your data in Plexome whether it is for a registry, research projects or your inventory. While manual data entry and export options are always available to you, we can also help you create automated integrations with your internal systems.

Our Commitment

Easy Onboarding

Plexome collaboration software support

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ... 

1) Create your profile, 2) Connect with others and setup collaboration circles as needed, 3) Begin searching or capturing data.

Secure Cloud Platform

Plexome collaboration cloud platform

A HIPAA-compliant, secure and scalable platform delivers Plexome to your fingertips. We take care of providing a complete solution so you can focus on your science.

Customer Satisfaction

Plexome customer support

Our friendly and experienced support team is here to answer any questions you may have and to make sure that your Plexome journey is a pleasant one.

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